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V. Cool! Defying Gravity with Sound Waves

Always cool watching items defying gravity in by whatever means. Boffins at the University of Tokyo have come up with an array that lets objects be manipulated in three dimensions using sound only.  By shaping and orienting sound in the form of standing waves, the system is flexible enough to levitate solid objects as well … Continue reading

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle vanishing Arctic glacier

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle death of glacier Are you wondering how a bottle containing a message came to rest in the Arctic for 54 years?  Then ponder no more, the answer is amazingly simple – it was placed there!  Don’t turn off yet though, the story behind how it came to rest there … Continue reading

Vodka-Powered Message System

Vodka-Powered Message System Many have believed through the years that alcohol is the ideal medium for communicating with others.  Wow, now it has been scientifically proven!  Think I might have been using that system last weekend :-) Joking aside, researchers at York University, Canada and their UK counterparts have transmitted what looks like the world’s … Continue reading

US health watchdog cracks down on antibacterial soaps

US health watchdog cracks down on antibacterial soaps It’s easy enough to see we have an obsession, modern living seems to have us trying to swat every single bacteria we possibly can.  Conventional wisdom has us thinking all bacteria are bad.  That’s somewhat of a convenient oversimplification and it has many doggedly doing all they … Continue reading

NASA’s Juno Gives Starship-Like View of Earth Flyby

Consider all the probes sent out over time to look in on Earth’s planetary siblings. Doesn’t it seem rather odd there are not more recordings like the one below?  It is quite fascinating to have this view of what our planet and it’s constant companion look like from afar when moving in the same frame.  … Continue reading

Scientists Identify Cause of Japan’s Devastating 2011 Tsunami

Scientists Identify Cause of Japan’s Devastating 2011 Tsunami »  If I were given to prominent displays of expression in response to amazing facts, this would be a WTF moment!  Read a bit here about why the 2011 Japan tsunami was as mean and nasty as they come.