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True disruptors : a hard to imitate phenomenon

It is just great to see a disruptor cause others to raise their game. This is not just evolution in action, industrial evolution works far too slowly and generally favours incumbents. Though not an Apple fan myself, clearly this is what Apple caused with the iPod, iPhone, ITunes, etc. And what about Tesla? They’re doing … Continue reading

Challenge Convention, Look Through New Eyes

Now I have been wanting to write this piece for a while.  The problem was I wasn’t too sure how to kick things off.  I wanted to frame a view for your consideration and not sermonise, so I’m going to start with a recent personal experience. This last weekend before Christmas I went to a … Continue reading

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle vanishing Arctic glacier

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle death of glacier Are you wondering how a bottle containing a message came to rest in the Arctic for 54 years?  Then ponder no more, the answer is amazingly simple – it was placed there!  Don’t turn off yet though, the story behind how it came to rest there … Continue reading

Only free men…

Only free men can negotiate. Prisoners cannot enter into contracts. A quote from a man I have deep respect for, one who bridged many divides with the ultimate example of equanimity and fairness.  He chose not to be bitter, but to instead to bring the change he believed in.  Balanced is how I will remember … Continue reading