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Smartphones that betray their masters

You know that shiny little device that you’re using to handle the day-to-day running of your life? Well you might want to take another look at it, this time without the rose-tinted glasses. It turns out, the way those things are designed to work in practice can expose your very private, very personal data to … Continue reading

Lego robot with mobile phone brain crushes Rubik’s Cube world record

Forget supercomputers, take a fresh new look at your mobile phone. In your hand is probably more computing power than the big old room-sized computers NASA used in the 60’s for their moon missions. Think that smart phone is only for calls, texting, games, etc? After watching this you might want to think again. Two … Continue reading

Fish With Chips : MIT’s ‘Soft Robotic’ Fish That Moves Like The Real Thing

Those clever robotics folks at MIT have been at it again. This time they’ve been approaching the robotics world from a slightly lateral perspective. Using soft, flexible materials they’ve developed a robot that mimics a fish in form and movement and that can be completely self-contained – brains, power & motion generation. It can even … Continue reading

Wearable Tech : Can your body take it?

The nascent wearable tech is about to go through a huge explosion in the number and type of devices available. Everyone has ideas on where’s best on the body or clothing for these things – ears, face, wrist, etc. Well, here’s something that manufacturers and material suppliers are going to have to consider – is … Continue reading

True disruptors : a hard to imitate phenomenon

It is just great to see a disruptor cause others to raise their game. This is not just evolution in action, industrial evolution works far too slowly and generally favours incumbents. Though not an Apple fan myself, clearly this is what Apple caused with the iPod, iPhone, ITunes, etc. And what about Tesla? They’re doing … Continue reading

Google to Buy Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind for $400M

Google to Buy Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind for $400M Remember what I said about robots not needing to be physical? Well Google have dug deep to the tune of $400M to acquire DeepMind, a company that focuses on machine learning algorithms. Describing themselves as a “cutting edge artificial intelligence company”, DeepMind’s first commercial applications are … Continue reading

Harsh wind flash-freezes thousands of fish

Harsh wind hits Norwegian bay so suddenly that thousands of fish are flash-frozen Wow! This brings impressive new meaning to the term “wind chill factor” and a rather unfortunate shock for these unsuspecting creatures. If there wasn’t a picture to go with it, this story would have been hard to swallow. A stunning reminder to us … Continue reading

Is society sleepwalking into the future?

If you have five minutes, take a look at the article in the below link. Quite thoughtfully assembled, it takes a pretty decent look at what the effects of technological innovation on levels of employment and wages could be. The Future Of Jobs: The Onrushing Wave About 5 years ago my mind turned to what … Continue reading

Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack

Cautionary tales indeed in this story, though this is what some industry pundits have been saying could happen for a few years now. Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack Security seems to be the near last thought in a chain of thought processes that are working to bring ever more elaborate connected devices to … Continue reading

Standing Out From The Crowd : Devil Babies

Devil baby scares New Yorkers in promotional stunt for Devil’s Due film – video When you see promotional stunts like this (kindly brought to my attention by The Guardian), it definitely is attention grabbing.  Not sure I would probably remember what film it was for and it probably wouldn’t induce me to shell out a … Continue reading