Hello Friend!  Thanks for visiting this site, no matter how you came to be here.

Pretty much everyday I come across publicly available news, analysis, articles, information, etc.  Some of these seem substantial and interesting enough to rise above the background noise of what’s out there.  I thought I’d offer these up for the consideration of people like you and let you decide on their relative merits.

It is my hope I can save others some time,  throw up new ways to look at the world around and/or provide a core of interesting material.  I want to do that without over-applying my own opinions. Anything I inject into the conversation, feel free to take that as just a way of getting the conversation around these things started.

My main aim is to provoke thought and promote looking at pieces of the world around in bright new ways and from new angles.  I believe we advance when we intelligently challenge established thinking, embedded reasoning and learn to leave behind the valueless baggage that is often promoted under the banner of conventional wisdom or carried over for no more than historical reasons.

Good luck in your engagement with the world, I wish you all the best in life. Now go and change the world!

Take care and stay well, JJ.



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