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Wearable Tech : Can your body take it?


The nascent wearable tech is about to go through a huge explosion in the number and type of devices available. Everyone has ideas on where’s best on the body or clothing for these things – ears, face, wrist, etc.

Well, here’s something that manufacturers and material suppliers are going to have to consider – is it fit to be worn against or near to the skin for any reasonable period.

Fitbit Force Recall Affects Around 1M Units In The U.S And 28K In Canada, Per CPSC

Remember all the debate over the potential damage mobile phones causes to brains, particularly young developing ones? Effects on short-term memory?

Well, I think that debate will heat up again as wearable devices increase in popularity. Remember, no one wears a mobile phone or other device against their head all day…

If you ask me, some of the medical device manufacturers should be jumping on this bandwagon, they know this space very well.



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