True disruptors : a hard to imitate phenomenon


It is just great to see a disruptor cause others to raise their game. This is not just evolution in action, industrial evolution works far too slowly and generally favours incumbents.

Though not an Apple fan myself, clearly this is what Apple caused with the iPod, iPhone, ITunes, etc. And what about Tesla? They’re doing that in electric vehicles and manufacturing today.

Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its cars


A great disruptor doesn’t do that on their own, they make that happen by creating momentum where there was mostly inertia before. Incumbents don’t like to shake the tree, rock the boat, disturb still waters, etc. so to speak. So, how does a true disruptor create momentum?

Simple – by carrying as many of us along with them as possible!

One thing a true disruptor seems to really need is a great visionary, someone who sees the next five, ten or more moves, not the next one or two. That’s where incumbents go wrong it seems to me.

If ever we needed disruption, it’s in the battery industry/market and that can only have beneficial effects which will themselves disrupt and power other industries forward.

Go true disruptors! :-)



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