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Google to Buy Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind for $400M


Google to Buy Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind for $400M

Remember what I said about robots not needing to be physical?

Well Google have dug deep to the tune of $400M to acquire DeepMind, a company that focuses on machine learning algorithms. Describing themselves as a “cutting edge artificial intelligence company”, DeepMind’s first commercial applications are in simulations, e-commerce and games.

The ability to simulate complex systems and make deductions and inferences in real-time is particularly valuable to companies that can use the information to adjust their business responses in time-frames that cannot be matched by humans. As you can imagine, this offers substantial competitive advantages for those that wield effective engines.

Expect to see more of these sorts of innovations in future as they offer superior ways to dynamically react in real-time and, much more importantly, allow companies to pro-actively respond to dynamic market and commercial factors. Not to forget this sort of technology would be perfectly at home in a robot or drone that needs to adapt to the operational environmental conditions.



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