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Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack

Cautionary tales indeed in this story, though this is what some industry pundits have been saying could happen for a few years now.

Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack

Security seems to be the near last thought in a chain of thought processes that are working to bring ever more elaborate connected devices to market and into our homes.  If you’re thinking these things are just fridges or whatever, they can’t do any harm, then think again.

It seems hackers are using pathways such as routers compromised with malware to deliver malicious content such as spam and phishing emails.  With the imminent exponential increase in these devices that is anticipated, this will likely remain a significant weakness in product design.

Now we’re not just talking about fridges here, what about wearable computers?  This is a category also expected to grow through 2014.  Are you ready for malware from health tracking device?

One question I have to ask is, do we need all of these devices to be connected in the manner we see it working today?  Is there an alternative where everything is simpler to the point that there’s nothing sophisticated to be compromised?


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