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The robots are coming. Will they bring wealth or a divided society?

The robots are coming. Will they bring wealth or a divided society?

Smart Machines Could Cost Tech Industry Millions of IT Jobs

It is encouraging to see others leaping into the debate about what impact robots, drones, AI’s, etc. will have on jobs, people, society, government, economics and economies.

The first link above is an article from The Guardian on that very subject.  The Guardian is an organisation I have the utmost respect for because of the way it encourages thought and debate and I hope they stir your thoughts as much they do mine.  The second article is equally interesting but less detailed,  it does provide some useful colour on jobs/job areas where there could be impacts.

From working in the analytics industry, it is easy to see we are on the cusp of some very significant developments where robots, drones, AI’s, etc. will make some deep impacts.  Let’s be clear, calling these things simply robots is to take the subject far too lightly.  It’s not just about automation which many boil this down to.  Consider also that a robot need not be a physical thing, it could easily be software only.

One huge factor that is making them more capable and extending their reach beyond pure automation is that they now have “brains”.  By “brains” I mean software and algorithm that instills traits in machines that most people haven’t expected before.  Analytics is what I’m talking about here.

For instance that means robots can do things like weighing up and determining significant factors, decision making (rule-based and predictive), problem solving (e.g. next best action), targeting outcomes, environmental awareness and assessment, etc.  In quite a few cases, these are done more objectively, accurately and faster by robots, AI, etc. than by people.  Couple that with machines that can easily outpace human productivity to see what kind of outcome that can generate.

Take a look at what one visionary company is doing today :

Tesla Motors Part 1: Behind the Scenes of how the Tesla Model S is Made

After reading the article in The Guardian and/or looking at the video link, please take the time to post your thoughts and view on this subject.  Whether high-level or down in the weeds, there is no doubt colour and evidence is still needed about all aspects of impacts.  Without that, it’s the equivalent of driving at breakneck speeeds in the dark but without headlights.

BTW, I cannot claim to as eloquent or as fact based as other authors of articles, but I am suggesting the current conversations about the impact of robots on jobs, people, goverment, society and economics do not got deep enough for true understanding and planning.


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