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54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle vanishing Arctic glacier

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle death of glacier

Are you wondering how a bottle containing a message came to rest in the Arctic for 54 years?  Then ponder no more, the answer is amazingly simple – it was placed there!  Don’t turn off yet though, the story behind how it came to rest there for so long, eventually being discovered again this summer past, is one that is quite inspiring, though tinged with sadness.

Inspiring because in 1959 a clever young geologist from Idaho, Paul Walker, showed great foresight.  He provided us with something that today adds to the body of evidence for the environmental changes taking place in the Arctic.  This was something that prevailing wisdom in 1959 did not comprehend.

Sadly, Paul himself never lived to see how his foresight would feature in advancing knowledge of the progression of the demise of the Arctic. The same year he planted that message, Paul succumbed to a medical problem that occured whilst still in the Arctic.  He was only 20-something.

However, the discovery of Paul’s message 54 years later provides yet another great inspirational example for us all.  Through Paul’s message echoing from the past, we have been shown that it is possible for us all to contribute to the future in some way.  It’s up to us to make some choices about what form that will take.


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