Vodka-Powered Message System

Vodka-Powered Message System

Many have believed through the years that alcohol is the ideal medium for communicating with others.  Wow, now it has been scientifically proven!  Think I might have been using that system last weekend :-)

Joking aside, researchers at York University, Canada and their UK counterparts have transmitted what looks like the world’s first text message using vodka.  The chemical signal, using the alcohol found in vodka, was sent four metres across the lab with the aid of a tabletop fan. It was then demodulated by a receiver that measured the rate of change in concentration of the alcohol molecules, picking up whether the concentration was increasing or decreasing.

It’s perhaps similar in principles to phermonal systems found in nature and which are quite capable of conveying some quite sophisticated messages.  Guess the vodka industry will do pretty well if this system takes off :-)


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