NASA’s Juno Gives Starship-Like View of Earth Flyby

Consider all the probes sent out over time to look in on Earth’s planetary siblings. Doesn’t it seem rather odd there are not more recordings like the one below?  It is quite fascinating to have this view of what our planet and it’s constant companion look like from afar when moving in the same frame.  A worthy perspective to help us appreciate the fragility of humanity’s cradle and our scale in the grand scheme of things.

What a shame there aren’t more such recordings.  Such is the fascination with the sun’s other children the perpetual majestic ballet of the Earth and Moon appears oft overlooked as a subject us mere mortals might be interested in.

Though low-resolution the clip may be, let us tip our hats in the direction of the clever folks at NASA who brought us this view.  Thank you NASA.  To find out more about the creative thinking that went  into assembling this wee scene, visit the NASA link below.


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