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FIFA gives $1m aid for Philippines football

FIFA gives $1m aid for Philippines football

Unusually, I am going to come out in my own defence right off the bat.  I am a football fan of sorts, albeit an armchair one.  Football, the play and the refereeing still gets me all riled up when I watch it, which is exactly why I don’t often watch it too often :-)

Under many other circumstances, the news reported above about FIFA’s commitment to re-building soccer facilties and projects in the Phillipines would be something to welcome.  But these are not regular circumstances.  It seems a little odd that FIFA is focused on rebuilding soccer infrastructure rather than more pragmaticly aiming at humanitarian and social aspects.

Maybe this thinking is a bit limited, but it seems that restoring the basics of life to people are more important than soccer.  Now I know people have been villified for suggesting anything which is perceived to run counter to the beautiful game, but in this case I do not feel unjustified.


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