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Beer vs. Coffee? That’s a tough one…

Starbucks Goes After Pub For “Frappicino Beer” This is one of the last stories of 2013 that made me roar with laughter.  I never realised you could get into trouble for what your customers write on your website – guess there will be many more companies in trouble for that then! Anyway, it is so … Continue reading

Ever wondered why getting your Android updates takes so long?

Have you ever wondered why your Android device is lagging behind on system versions?  Been waiting anxiously for an update to fix a problem with something like battery life, camera picture quality, sound levels or some such thing? Then perhaps this piece of journalism from that worthy site The Register might be quite illuminating to … Continue reading

European teens shunning ‘dead and buried’ Facebook

European teens shunning ‘dead and buried’ Facebook This refrain has been heard several times before without really coming to pass.  What this really seems to spell out is that teens and twenty-somethings may well be less married to the platform than the generations above that.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to be doing cool new … Continue reading

Drone Space : Learning to Live with Drones

Two news articles popped up onto my radar recently as I perused various sources.  At first they seemed merely interesing data points.  Upon mulling them a bit I realised these relatively innocuous articles raised more than a few valid questions, ones that concern all of us regular people going about our daily lives. The FAA … Continue reading

Challenge Convention, Look Through New Eyes

Now I have been wanting to write this piece for a while.  The problem was I wasn’t too sure how to kick things off.  I wanted to frame a view for your consideration and not sermonise, so I’m going to start with a recent personal experience. This last weekend before Christmas I went to a … Continue reading

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle vanishing Arctic glacier

54-year-old message in bottle helps chronicle death of glacier Are you wondering how a bottle containing a message came to rest in the Arctic for 54 years?  Then ponder no more, the answer is amazingly simple – it was placed there!  Don’t turn off yet though, the story behind how it came to rest there … Continue reading

Vodka-Powered Message System

Vodka-Powered Message System Many have believed through the years that alcohol is the ideal medium for communicating with others.  Wow, now it has been scientifically proven!  Think I might have been using that system last weekend :-) Joking aside, researchers at York University, Canada and their UK counterparts have transmitted what looks like the world’s … Continue reading

EPA official, who pretended to work for CIA, sentenced to 32 months

EPA official, who pretended to work for CIA, sentenced to 32 months Now the enterprising fellow in this little article is vaguely reminiscent of the character played by Bill Paxton in True Lies.  Only vaguely though.  Unlike Bill Paxton who is superbly comical and entertaining in that role, this geezer (Beale) really managed to pull … Continue reading

Tourist walks off pier while browsing on Facebook

Tourist walks off pier while browsing on Facebook It had to happen at some point didn’t it?  Plenty of people have had falls and bumped into things while being totally engrossed in something on their phones at the expense of their current surroundings.  This woman took things to a new level, when she fell into … Continue reading

Predator and Reaper drones are misunderstood, says manufacturer

Predator and Reaper drones are misunderstood, says manufacturer A predator is commonly defined as a hunter or killer.  In Blue Oyster Cult’s fabulous classic song “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, the Grim Reaper is the shady character who comes to take people to their death. Having pretty deliberately christened their drone children with such wonderfully descriptive … Continue reading