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Smartphones that betray their masters

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You know that shiny little device that you’re using to handle the day-to-day running of your life? Well you might want to take another look at it, this time without the rose-tinted glasses.

It turns out, the way those things are designed to work in practice can expose your very private, very personal data to some people and organisations you might not want to know anything about your affairs.  An additional problem that some might find themselves exposed to is that some of these organisations are those that you might rightly expect to be protecting you!

Feel nervous yet? If your spidey-senses are tingling now, then take a look at these two news items that popped up to my attention recently :

So, always ask yourself this question when putting in sensitive data while browsing or using apps : do you really trust this network with your sensitive data? Keep that question in mind and it might save your banking or other details from being lifted.

It is entirely possible that government agencies using such devices mostly use them for true and proper law-enforcement activities, but how do you actually know? Are there any records? The fundamental problem at the heart of law enforcement use of such devices is the utter lack of transparency displayed by such bodies. If they want to wiretap, there’s a process for that; if they want to come into your home, there’s a process for that too. What process cover this?

Is your smartphone betraying you?

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